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Security of your account


Learn about a few simple rules and recommendations which will increase the security level of your accounts significantly:


Use different passwords (and a different user name, if possible) for each poker room. If they become known to other people, identical log-in details will put all your accounts at risk.

• Never compose passwords containing your name, birth date or those of members of your family. In general, it is good to avoid using names for passwords. People performing malicious penetration into databases use software which generates and attempts thousands of combinations of real names and numbers. Your password should be a random combination of capital, small letters and figures.

• Your user name and your password must be different.

• Avoid accessing your accounts from computers which are public and which other people have access to. If you are using a wireless Internet connection, ensure it is reliably encrypted and secured from unauthorized access.

• Do not share with anyone your log-in details, except when they are necessary to an authorized employee of an operator. This is sometimes necessary for you to authorize in a live chat or over the telephone.

• If you have even the slightest doubt that a leakage of information about your log-in details for a certain casino is possible, change your password immediately. All poker rooms offer this option on their websites. Some operators even require that their users change their passwords at regular intervals.

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