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How to open an account


To use the services of a poker room, first of all you have to register as a user and open an account. The bets will be performed with the funds in your account; your profits will be accrued on it as well. Registration is free, as well as managing the account. A small number of operators constitute an exception as they withhold a monthly administrative fee for service in case of absence of activity of an already opened account, if of course, there is cash available in the non-active account.


The registration (opening an account) can take place both online and over the telephone. You are requested to give the poker operator information about yourself – name, age, address, contact data, etc. This information can be checked by the poker operator later on. The authenticity of the information is a prerequisite for your identification and the payment of your eventual profits. You should bear in mind that all gambling operators adhere to a policy of extreme confidentiality in relation to their customers’ personal data. The information about your personality, as well as that about your financial transactions is never given to anyone without your explicit consent. Exceptions can be made in extremely rare cases after a request by a competent authority in relation to an eventual investigation of you.


Some of the gambling operators offer a full package of products – sports bets, casino and poker. The use of any of these products is provided by the availability of one account from which you transfer your cash to the specific products you wish to use. It is not necessary to open more than one account on the poker website. As a matter of fact, the availability of two or more accounts in your name on one website is forbidden. It is assumed that in such cases the purpose is to get additional benefits – to receive the registration bonus more than once, to exceed the admissible limits (specific for every casino), etc. This issue is explained in the poker rooms' terms and conditions, as well as the eventual sanctions for the opening of more than one account. Before completing the process of registration it is obligatory to get acquainted with the operator’s terms and conditions and accept them. These rules constitute a type of contract between you and the gambling operator; they serve as a basis of all your future relations.


Your registration as a user takes place in real time, immediately after filling in the application form on the website. In some cases it is required that you confirm and activate your account. For that purpose you are sent a link on the e-mail address specified in your registration you have to follow, or you are sent a verification code which you have to enter on the poker’s website.


When you register, you have to select your log-in details for access to your account – username and password. Their content is to comply with certain simple rules for length and admissible symbols, which is specific for each operator and is usually explained in the registration form. Some poker rooms have the routine of determining the user name you will be using. Once selected, the user name cannot be changed. In all cases, it is necessary to store your log-in details in a secure location and not to give them to other people.

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