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Pinnacle's most unusual betting markets

Pinnacle's most unusual betting markets

This article contains a roundup of the unusual and occasionally weird betting markets you can find on the Pinnacle website. Read on for odds on everything from marble racing to landing on Mars.

The majority of sports bettors currently find themselves in the unique position of having almost all of the sports they spend their time researching, analysing and betting on have been suspended for the foreseeable future. This unprecedented situation means many people are beginning to ask the same question; what are people betting on?

Firstly, it’s important to distinguish that if people take their betting seriously, they likely aren’t betting on anything (unless one of the available markets is their specialty). This is because the information available to these bettors to get an edge can’t simply be transferred from one sport to another.

However, those who bet for entertainment might be interested in some of the available betting markets as they offer just that; entertainment. These markets are so unique and offered at such relatively small limits that while you can make money off of them, they are more likely seen as a bit of fun.

Marbular One

Date: 28-29 March

The next race in the fast growing Marbula One marble racing series gets underway at Razzway, home of the Raspberry Racers. The Snowballs are joint favourites to win their second consecutive Marbula One race with the Hornets taking on the role of outsiders.

Can the Savage Speeders extend their lead at the top of the standings?

Marbula One standings





Savage Speeders






Team Galactic












Green Ducks



Mellow Yellow



Team Primary



Balls of Chaos






Rojo Rollers



Midnight Wisps



Raspberry Racers



Team Momo





If you want to take things a little more seriously you can of course do research by watching previous races, learn more about the format by visiting the official Marbula One website or following them on Twitter, or by following the marble racing subreddit. That said, these are just small balls rolling round a track.

Get the latest Marbula One odds


Will a human set foot on Mars by 1/1/2025? Which organisation will put a human being on Mars first? Will there be a 10-person Mercury Base by 2029? Predict the future of space travel with these entertainment props.

Space odds

When will the Premier League return?

Many people around the world are eagerly anticipating the resumption of major domestic soccer leagues such as the Premier League (which has been on hold March 13). You can now stay up to date with the likelihood of which date the Premier League will be back in action and with Pinnacle offering odds on these dates, you can also bet on it as well within our premier league odds.

Rescheduled major soccer events

While domestic soccer leagues are still enduring a period of uncertainty, the major international competitions due to take place in a few months have been moved to next year to allow the domestic leagues more time to conclude their season.

Pinnacle have reposted their odds for these markets so you can already look ahead to the rearranged Euro 2021 and Copa America 2021 with outrights available on those competitions.

2020 US election

Incumbent Donald Trump is perhaps unusually favoured to win the next Presidential election despite also being heavily odds against to win the popular majority. This is certainly one market where current events could have a major impact on the outcome. Can you gauge the perception of how Donald Trump is handling Covid-19? Does that put him at an advantage or disadvantage for the Presidential election?

See how your predictions line up with Pinnacle’s.

Next US president predictions


The Field



To win the popular majority





Pinnacle’s Presidential Election odds are even available on a state-by-state basis so you can see how likely each candidate is to win the major swing states.

Ultimate Quarenteam

This massive FIFA tournament features 128 professional soccer clubs playing against each other online, with one representative from each club. The odds for this event should make for interesting reading considering it mixes FIFA pros with professional footballers.

Lots of big clubs are involved with 128 entrants representing Ajax, Manchester City, Roma, Mansfield and more.

Players such as Norwich City’s Todd Cantwell and Crystal Palace’s Andros Townsend are the representatives from their sides whilst the esports professionals from FC Nantes and Manchester City are amongst the favourites. Can one of the real life professionals defeat their virtual counterparts?

Pinnacle are offering Ultimate Quarenteam odds on what is turning out to be an entertaining event. The Round of 32 is already taking place with the Round of 16 set to start on March 28.

Sports you may have missed

Some previously overlooked sports have their chance to shine with events ongoing even whilst the major sporting leagues are postponed. One such sport is table tennis which continues with the Setka Cup - the highlight amongst the tournaments continuing to be played.

The action certainly comes thick and fast with the Setka Cup. The event features four matches being played on four tables at the same time, with mini-tournaments taking place on a daily basis (including weekends) with competitors from both a semi-professional and professional skill level.

NFL Regular Season MVP

The NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues in the world that is yet to be impact by Covid-19. Simply because it isn’t due to begin until September. While the regular season wins and outrights for the Super Bowl are fairly standard market offerings, one interesting market available to bettors is for the MVP award.

Will Patrick Mahomes build on a Super Bowl win and follow it up with an MVP award? Can Lamar Jackson win back-to-back regular season MVP awards? Does Tom Brady have a chance of winning individual honours with his new franchise? Bettors are already having their say and with Pinnacle’s NFL outright odds now available, you can too.


It’s been over a decade since Pinnacle started offering esports odds. Known as the pioneer of esports betting, Pinnacle offers better esports odds and more markets across more titles than anyone else. As these events are either played online or can be moved from LAN (local area network – or offline) to online, they have largely been uninterrupted.

This has resulted in a steep increase in esports betting amongst traditional sports bettors. While they are unique markets that take time to understand, they is certainly value available to bettors. Pinnacle currently has odds for CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota as well as a wide range of esports articles to help beginners learn more about the increasingly popular world of esports.

Excting upcoming events include the League of Legends LCS North America, Overwatch League, CS:GO ESEA Europe and many more.

Improve your betting knowledge

The break in sports is perhaps an opportunity for bettors to brush up on their betting knowledge. Visit Pinnacle’s betting resources section for extensive coverage of betting strategy so you will be well prepared for when sport returns to normality. Alternatively, you can watch helpful videos on Pinnacle’s YouTube channel or listen to interesting interviews with betting professionals on the Pinnacle Podcast.


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