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NFL Predictions

NFL Predictions

This article uses betting market data to help you make more informed NFL predictions ahead of this week’s round of games.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers predictions



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Carolina Panthers 


Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers are coming into Week 2 after a loss in Week 1. Carolina won’t be too disappointed with the performance against the Rams, while Tampa Bay would have expected much more than a 14 point defeat to the San Francisco 49ers.

The odds suggest that Carolina are the stronger side and with home field advantage, they are taken to beat Tampa Bay by over a touchdown. The Over/Under of 49.5 also suggest we’ll see plenty of points on the board.

Odds prediction: 28-21 Carolina Panthers win

Bet now: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers odds

Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens predictions



Arizona Cardinals


Baltimore Ravens


The Arizona Cardinals struggled for prolonged periods against the Detroit Lions in Week 1 and were fortunate to come away with a 27-27 tie after OT. The Baltimore Ravens took the Miami Dolphins apart from the first drive of the game and came away with a franchise record 59-10 win.

We should see another convincing win for the Ravens this week as they are 13-point favourites on the Handicap, and the Over/Under indicates a points total of around 47.

Odds prediction: 30-17 Baltimore Ravens win

Bet now: Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens odds

Buffalo Bills at New York Giants predictions



Buffalo Bills


New York Giants


The strength of the Buffalo Bills defence was evident in their 17-16 Week 1 win over the New York Jets (despite their success on defence, they still made hard work of the win). The New York Giants were comfortably beaten by the Dallas Cowboys in their opening game, but this game should be a lot closer (the Bills are -1.5 on the Handicap).

The Over/Under highlights the fact that this is a match up that includes some solid defence but average offensive power - 43.5 is just about the league average and is one of the lowest numbers on the board for Week 2.

Odds prediction: 23-21 Buffalo Bills win

Bet now: Buffalo Bills at New York Giants odds

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins predictions



Dallas Cowboys


Washington Redskins


The betting market gave the Washington Redskins little to no chance against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 (they were +9.5 on the Handicap). After the first half it looked like they could complete an unlikely upset, but the Eagles came out as the 35-27 victors. The Dallas Cowboys eased to a routine 35-17 victory over the New York Giants.

Dallas should make it two wins from two in this game but the 4.5 Handicap suggests that Washington could keep it to just one score. The 46.5 Over/Under indicates that both teams will get a few points on the board.

Odds prediction: 26-21 Dallas Cowboys win

Bet now: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins odds

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans predictions



Indianapolis Colts


Tennessee Titans


A lot was made of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback issues before Week 1 but Jacoby Brissett seemed to manage okay (21/27 for 190 yards and two touchdowns). The Tennessee Titans’ 43-13 win over the Cleveland Browns was the biggest shock of Week 1 (the Titans were +5.5 on the Handicap), but it’s worth noting a lot of those points came late in the game.

Home field advantage could prove crucial here with the Titans listed as -3 favourites. The odds point to a relatively low scoring game compared to others on the board with an Over/Under of 44.5.

Odds prediction: 24-21 Tennessee Titans win

Bet now: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans odds

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans predictions



Jacksonville Jaguars


Houston Texans


The Houston Texans were seconds away from a big win against the New Orleans saints in Week 1. The Jacksonville Jaguars lost out 40-26 to the Kansas City Chiefs but Nick Foles’ potentially season-ending injury will be the bigger disappointment for Jacksonville.

Gardner Minshew steps in for Foles, and that’s seen what could have been a close matchup up listed as a likely win for Houston (they are -8.5 point favourites). Jacksonville’s limited threat on offence and normally sturdy defence means a low points total is expected with the Over/Under at 43.

Odds prediction: 26-17 Houston Texans win

Bet now: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans odds

LA Chargers at Detroit Lions predictions



LA Chargers


Detroit Lions


The LA Chargers performed just as the market expected them to against the Indianapolis Colts - they just covered the -6.5 spread with a 30-24 win. The Detroit Lions, however, let a 24-9 4th quarter lead slip against the Arizona Cardinals and had to fight to a 27-27 comeback.

It seems the LA Chargers offence might be a bit too much for the strong Detroit defence as they are -2.5 favourites on the road. The Over/Under has been posted at 47.5.

Odds prediction: 25-22 LA Chargers win

Bet now: LA Chargers at Detroit Lions odds

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers predictions



Minnesota Vikings


Green Bay Packers 


The Minnesota Vikings were comfortable winners against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1 (perhaps more so than the final scoreboard suggested). The Green Bay Packers started their season in style with a dominant 10-3 win against the Chicago Bears despite being a 3-point underdog.

Green Bay are listed as a narrow favourite (-3) with home field advantage with both teams looking to continue their strong start. The Over/Under of 44 shows that not too many points are expected in what should be a close game.

Odds prediction: 23-20 Green Bay Packers win

Bet now: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers odds

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins predictions



New England Patriots


Miami Dolphins 


This could be one of the most one-sided games in the recent history of the NFL with the Patriots currently listed as a 18.5 point favourite. The Dolphins lost by 49 points to the Ravens in Week 1, while the Patriots beat the Steelers by 30, so it’s no surprise to see such a high figure in the Handicap market.

New England’s expected dominance is reflected in the 48 point Over/Under, where Tom Brady and co will be expected to put up the bulk of the scores.

Odds prediction: 33-14 New England Patriots win

Bet now: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins odds

San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals predictions



San Francisco 49ers


Cincinnati Bengals


The San Francisco 49ers were meant to be an even match for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but they ended up cruising to a 31-17 win in Week 1. They were initially posted as 1.5 point favourites over the Cincinnati Bengals, who were just edged out by the Seattle Seahwaks in Week 1. However, it’s now the Bengals who are -1.5 on the Handicap.

The Over/Under is currently just above the league average for points scoring and is currently set at 45.

Odds prediction: 23-21 Cincinnati Bengals win

Bet now: San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals odds

Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers predictions



Seattle Seahawks


Pittsburgh Steelers


Despite getting the win over the Cincinmati Bengals in Week 1, the Seattle Seahawks would be disappointed after scraping it by one point (21-20), after being a 10-point favourite. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be equally disappointed with their opening game where they only managed a field goal in a 33-3 defeat to the New England Patriots.

The market is expecting a better performance from the Steelers, as they have been posted as a 4-point favourite with home field advantage. The Over/Under is currently set at 46.5.

Odds prediction: 25-21 Pittsburgh Steelers win

Bet now: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers odds

Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos predictions



Chicago Bears


Denver Broncos


The Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos are another two teams who disappointed on the opening weekend of the 2019 NFL season. The Bears struggled on offence against the Green Bay Packers (losing 10-3), while the Broncos were beaten 24-16 by the Oakland Raiders despite the odds suggesting they should win.

The Bears look to be the stronger of the two sides and are 2.5 favourites despite being on the road. The Over/Under shows how much the two sides prioritise defence as it’s the lowest on the board at 40.5.

Odds prediction: 21-19 Chicago Bears win

Bet now: Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos odds

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders predictions



Kansas City Chiefs


Oakland Raiders


The Kansas City Chiefs win over the Jacksonville Jaguars was inflated by the early injury to Nick Foles, but Patrick Mahommes and the Chiefs offence did look very strong. The market couldn’t make up its mind on the Oakland Raiders in Week 1, and they eventually ended up as small underdog but came away with a 24-16 win against the Denver Broncos.

Kansas City are currently a -7.5 favourite despite being on the road, and with both sides possessing a threat with the ball, the Over/Under is set at a high 52.

Odds prediction: 30-23 Kansas City Chiefs win

Bet now: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders odds

New Orleans Saints at LA Rams predictions



New Orleans Saints


LA Rams


The outright Super Bowl odds suggested the New Orleans Saints would build on their unfortunate exit last season and go all the way in the postseason. They didn’t look like a genuine Super Bowl contender for most of their opening game against the Houston Texans, but got to win in the end thanks to a last second field goal. The LA Rams, another Super Bowl contender, eased to a routine victory over the Carolina (the 30-27 win matching up to the -3 Handicap market).

The odds suggest the LA Rams will replicate their NFC Championship win from last year and it should be equally as close with the Rams as a -2.5 favourite. These two teams are very strong on offence which is why this game has the highest Over/Under for Week 2 at 53.

Odds prediction: 28-25 LA Rams win

Bet now: New Orleans Saints at LA Rams odds

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons predictions



Philadelphia Eagles


Atlanta Falcons


The Philadelphia Eagles were far from convincing against the Washington Redskins but they did get the win in the end. The Atlanta never looked like they were competing with the Minnesota Vikings, and only posted points in the 4th quarter (they lost 28-12).

Despite Atlanta’s struggles against Minnesota, they market believes they should fare better at home to Philadelphia - the Eagles are -1 on the Handicap. The Over/Under of 51 indicates this could be one of the highest-scoring games of Week 2.

Odds prediction: 25-24 Philadelphia Eagles win

Bet now: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons odds

Cleveland Browns at New York Jets predictions



Cleveland Browns


New York Jets


Having been billed as a potential Super Bowl contender, many would have expected the Cleveland Browns to start off with a win against the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 - they ended up losing the game by 30 points despite being a 5.5 favourite. The New York Jets meanwhile, lost out 17-16 to the Buffalo Bills despite leading 16-0 towards the end of the 3rd quarter.

This is another game that Cleveland is expected to win, but this time the market is only seeing them as 2.5 favourite. This will likely be a tight game with the Jets playing at home and the Over/Under is in line with that at 45.5.

Odds prediction: 24-21 Cleveland Browns win

Bet now: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets odds

*Odds subject to change



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