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esports Dota 2: Epicenter Major 2019 Preview:

esports Dota 2: Epicenter Major 2019 Preview:

Mayhem in Moscow! eGaming expert Joshua Osbourne previews the best bets ahead of what is sure to be an action-packed week.

Epicenter Major 2019 | June 23- July 1, Moscow, Russia

WELL, the time has come for the last major of the current Dota 2 season. To cap what's been an interesting season we have a very competitive major which could see new teams skyrocket into qualification for TI, even if the rest of their year has been somewhat lacklustre in terms of competitiveness. This is because Team Secret and have almost as many DPC points between themselves as the rest of the top 8 combined!

Which, in itself, certainly adds spice to what could be mayhem in Moscow as a top-flight performance from any one of the teams outside the top-eight could bring a brand new team into the fold.

Team Secret And

These two teams have been a dominant force in the DPC this year, winning or placing high at every major event they find themselves a part of.

It reminds you of the domination that Navi and Alliance had the year leading up to TI3, where both teams would fight their way to the top and everyone knew it was on or the other.
Secret has the better form and they also have the majority of the major wins making them the clear favourite for this event. Add to the mix arguably the best player in every position and this team seems almost unstoppable.

VP, on the other hand, struggled at the last major but that could just be the luck of the draw with a series of bad match-ups resulting in a poor string of results. However, this major for these two teams is a matter of pride, not money or DPC points, which means they will be as good as ever and you can be certain they'll give as good as they get and come out all guns blazing for this one.

3G (EG)

EG are a team on the way up, and it shows. As such, the trend continues as EG have made it to another major looking in good form and there's no difference here! This all leads to this team making yet another appearance in third place for what feels like at least the tenth time in the last year or so!

Collectively, they certainly have all the potential to go all the way and win a major tournament, they just have not, for various reasons, fully clicked into their stride when up against the top two. They can take games, certainly, but they just cannot seem to win a series.

Will that streak continue, or will EG always be relegated to third place yet again? Something has to give, and this could be it, otherwise, they'll be in danger of always being '3G'.

China and SEA: TNC Predator, PSG.LGD and Royal Never Give Up

If you thought China and Sea were having a rough DPC season, then spare a thought for the likes of TNC and RNGU, who are finding it especially hard, neither accruing enough DPC points to directly qualify for TI. Yet with the landscape there is at the moment a top-level finish would bring these teams within the top eight.

PSG.LGD are already in the top eight, and they will look to consolidate their spot in the top eight, just to keep their place safe.

TNC have surged to the top of the SEA scene after a lacklustre start to the season and they will look to continue their upward trajectory with another solid showing here. I believe they have a good chance of upsetting some top teams but they will need some luck to get into a top four position in this event. never say never, however...

RNGU are a team with a lot of talent but they have not really shown up on the international stage. However, that could be about to change: With the new patch being slower we could see the likes of Monet being the catalyst to this team’s success, as one of the best classic carry players in the game.

Europe threat: Alliance, Ninjas In Pyjamas and OG

I believe these three teams are some of the most dynamic and interesting teams in the event and if there was going to be an underdog team who had perhaps figured out a game-winning strategy in the new patch then I'm betting it would be one of these three.  

Alliance are a dynamic team with a very talented mind in Qojqva who's skill set means that he's able to play a large array of heroes, making their drafting sometimes unpredictable.

NIP have the ever impressive PPD who has shown a multitude of times over the years just why he is one of the best minds in Dota. The big event after a patch is a breeding ground for new ideas and smart strategies, which PPD thrives in.

OG are also back with the roster that won them a TI, being just as scrappy and unconventional as ever.

Winner (EPICENTER Major 2019) 

Team Secret - 7/4  |  Evil Geniuses - 5/1  | - 6/1  |  PSG.LGD - 8/1  |  Team Liquid - 10/1

Outside Bet: Ninjas in Pyjamas 15.00   TNC Predator 21.00






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