Leading online sportsbook 10Bet has partnered with gaming consulting agency Ihre Consulting AB. 10Bet’s award winning sportsbook is successfully being recognized worldwide; providing customers with the ultimate user experience. 10Bet currently offers over 18,000 monthly live games covering more than 30 different sports. Additionally, 10Bet has a portfolio of over 1,000 premium casino games provided by the top gaming operators in the industry- NetEnt, MicroGaming, BetSoft, iSoftBet and many more.

      10Bet has officially appointed Ihre Consulting as a partner. Together 10Bet and Ihre Consulting will successfully collaborate and expand the 10Bet affiliate exposure. Ihre Consulting is successfully renowned and valued by the leading casino and sportsbook affiliates within the Scandinavian, Italian and English speaking markets; 10Bet’s target markets. “10Bet is a perfect choice for Ihre Consulting to partner with. They have an extremely strong product offering, great customer support as well as fantastic player values. We have the best affiliates working with us, looking for new opportunities, which make this a win win situation for everyone. We are excited to be working closer with the 10Bet Affiliate Team over the coming months,” commented by Edward Ihre, Owner/CEO of Ihre Consulting. “10Bet is happy to announce the confirmed long term collaboration with Ihre Consulting. We believe that Ihre will open new opportunities and expand 10Bet’s current Affiliate Marketing outlook.

      Ihre has proved to be a strong network and continuously strives towards improvement and excellence. We are excited and looking forward to working with Ihre Consulting.” -Yotam Peretz (Head of Media -10Bet)

About Ihre Consulting AB:

Edward Ihre is the Founder/CEO of Ihre Consulting AB which launched in March 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. Ihre Consulting was created to connect people and form mutual and beneficial partnerships; with a key focus on Affiliate Management.

      10Bet also offers an affiliate network system which is slightly different than others. Please visit 10bet.com for more details. From many years of experience within the industry and with an extensive network of connections/clients, Ihre Consulting can create and accomplish unique, innovative and sustainable solutions for your company.





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