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These exciting matches will be fascinating to watch!

These exciting matches will be fascinating to watch!

    Olympic Boxing Men’s Super Heavyweight Division SF

      The Olympics is the pinnacle of sporting glory for many athletes, but there are certain events that get a chance to make a living out of their sport. Boxers can enter UFC rankings and aim to become the best MMA fighter. Conversely, they can also check their boxing odds against the best fighters in the world and climb up the ladder. While going pro is an obvious option for the last four fighters in the super heavyweight division of the 2016 Games, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing personal glory. Live betting pundits are looking forward to the last three matches, as all four fighters will be pulling out all the stops in order to acquire the Olympic gold. Expect explosive clashes as four super heavyweights from four different nations vie for the title of the strongest.

      Tony Victor James Yoka (FRA) vs Filip Hrgovic (CRO)

      Boxing fans who follow the pro circuit may have heard about Filip Hrgovic. He was the sparring partner who cut Haye in training, causing the cancellation of the 2013 David Haye vs Tyson Fury fight. He is a touted favourite to win the gold with his strong strikes. After all, he knocked out Lenier Pero in the second round of their quarter-final bout. However, his impressive firepower will be challenged by the slippery Tony Yoka. The Frenchman boasts impressive footwork, great head movement and slipping skills, and a tolerance in- and out-boxing. His skills can pose problems for the boxer less than two months his junior. If we look back at Hrgovic’s Golden Belt bout against Mihai Nistor, the Croat gets stuck when his opponent rushes him and fights him face-to-face. Yoka might look to use that to his advantage, as Hrgovic’s mid- and long-range bombs can knock him out cold.

      Joe Joyce (GBR) vs Ivan Dychko (KAZ)

      British pride Joe Joyce will be coming to this fight determined to bring home the gold, but Dychko, the 2012 Olympics bronze medalist, will be coming to him in full force. Dychko has fast hands that can easily poke through defences, and his 6’9” stature will definitely make him a rather difficult target for the 6’6” Joyce. However, the London-born boxer has the edge of experience to outbox the younger Kazakh. Moreover, the sheer power stored in his fists can make even the largest man sit down. Expect both boxers to fully use their advantages, poke the other’s weaknesses, and punch strong strikes that will put them in an advantageous position. Regardless of the result, we will be treated to high-quality boxing.





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