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888sport's Guide To Boxing Betting And Big Fight Predictions

888sport's Guide To Boxing Betting And Big Fight Predictions

Latest news and betting tips on major bouts in 2018

Boxing has come back to life in recent years, and with it, so has boxing betting. With a massive fight coming around at least once a month in the opening half of 2018, people all over are looking to back their favourite fighters, and take advantage of the swollen odds of round betting.

With huge names like Anthony Joshua, Gennady Golovkin, Chris Eubank Jr, Callum Smith, Kell Brook, George Groves, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and many more entering the ring over the next few months, more and more people will want to try their hand at boxing betting.

So, we’ve created this useful guide to boxing betting, detailing everything that you need to know about the sport and betting on boxing, providing a useful jargon buster, and giving you our takes and predictions on the biggest upcoming fights.

All You Need To Know:

For the fledglings getting into the sport and those who wish to buff their boxing knowledge, we’re going to break down the fundamentals of boxing and how it can subsequently impact boxing betting.

We’ve got a great couple of months of boxing to look forward to, so feel free to consult this guide to capitalise on all of the great boxing betting that you can enjoy!

Announcement And Changing Odds

A boxing match is announced many months ahead of fight’s date to promote the event and allow the boxers to undergo a rigorous training camp to get to their peak level.

When a fight is initially announced, odds will appear as the oddsmakers see the fight. But, as time goes on and more people place their bets, the odds will sway. So, if you want to back a heavy favourite, the best time to do it is straight away.

Sometimes you can even get odds on potential future fights, which will also offer less crowd-influenced bets. Also, as the fight edges closer, more betting markets will become available.

Going The Distance

As much as many fans look forward to the epitome of boxing success in the ring, the knockout, it isn’t the be-all conclusion to every fight.

Matches can go through all of the designated rounds to then have the outcome of the fight decided by a panel of three judges. This is why it’s important to consider the number of rounds sanctioned for the fight.

The number of rounds usually depends upon the experience of the fighter on the professional stage – moving up from four, to six, eight, ten, and finally 12. All world titles fights are fought to 12 rounds unless ended beforehand.

In shorter fights, even if the favourite boasts some serious knockout power, they may not have enough time to put it to work, so it’s important to consider who the better technical boxer is if you think the fight could go through all of its designated rounds.

There is usually a betting option for a fight to go the distance, which is a much more common occurrence than one would assume.

Anything Can Happen

In boxing, it’s just one on one, and anything can happen. Equally, as is often the case, one punch connecting with the right area can change the entire fight.

A cut or worse to the head can change the most dominant fighter in the world into a shell for the remainder of the match.

We’ve seen many great upsets in all levels and on all stages of boxing over the years and in recent times, such as: Cassius Clay (before he was Muhammad Ali) defeating Sonny Liston; Evander Holyfield beating Mike Tyson; Jeff Horn conquering Manny Pacquiao; Tony Bellew besting David Haye; and Tyson Fury’s awkward jab getting the best of Wladimir Klitschko.

The odds may heavily favour one star, but that doesn’t make them a certain winner. Sometimes those who fleetingly back the underdog find a string of luck pull in their favour.

Build Up Can Be Just As Important As The Fight

A lot is made of the build-up to a fight, be it how professional and respectful the two fighters are being.

There was plenty of respect in the run-up to Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko – or how much the two fighters dislike each other, as appears to be the case to the upcoming Amir Kahn vs Phil Lo Greco bout, which Khan is 1/20 to win as of February 12th.

But behind the scenes, in training camp, what the fighters train is very important. Nowadays, you can see a lot of how boxers are preparing on social media, and a couple of weeks before the fight, you can see the kind of shape that they’re in.

This won’t sway the odds a huge amount from their initial calculations, so taking advantage of this can give you an edge.

Bet In-Play

As stated before, anything can happen in boxing, which is why people can capitalise on live in-play betting.

If you can see a boxer gaining momentum, or another boxer’s eye start to swell up, take advantage of it jump in on the live odds.

Jargon Buster

There are some of the key terms to know when boxing betting:

Bout odds: The outcome of the fight. Either fighter 1 to win, fighter 2 to win, or draw.

Total rounds: The number of rounds that the fight will last before it is ended. It often involves a .5 number to make a distinction between each round, but the .5 doesn’t account for half of a round. For example, Total Rounds 8.5 means that the fight will end in the eighth round and not reach the ninth.

Winning method: This often comes with five options, including: fighter 1 to win by knockout, technical knockout, or disqualification of the other fighter; fighter 1 to win on points after all of the rounds of the fight; the same two options for fighter 2; and draw.

Round betting: Simply bet on which round you think that the designated boxer will win in if it’ll go the distance and they’ll win on points or a draw.

Winning group of rounds: Select a designated set number of rounds that you think the fighter will win in, giving you a bit more wiggle room that direct round betting.

To go the distance: If the fight will last all of the designated rounds and be decided by the judges on points.

KO: Knockout. The fighter has to be on the canvas and knocked out, as deemed by the referee, and the fight subsequently ended because of this.

TKO: Technical Knockout. The fighter can no-longer defend themselves proficiently in the eyes of the ref, and so the fight it ended. TKO can also come by way of the fighter’s corner throwing in the towel to retire them from the fight, or the ringside doctor deeming the boxer unfit to fight due to an injury.

DQ: Disqualification. The fighter is disqualified due to pulling an illegal move in the ring, such as the infamous disqualification of Mike Tyson for biting off a section of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

Points: If one of the fighters haven’t been knocked out, ruled out by technical knockout, or disqualified by the conclusion of the final designated round, the fight goes to points. Here, the scorecards that the judges have been tallying throughout the fight are given in, and a winner or a draw is declared based on those points.

Knockdowns: Sometimes you can bet on the occurrence of a knockdown or multiple knockdowns to occur in a fight. A knockdown is when a fighter is no longer standing due to the boxing their opponent. Usually, on the mat, the referee gives the knocked down fighter ten seconds to get back on their feet and continue fighting. If the fighter manages to achieve this and carries on, this is counted as a knockdown and not a knockout.


It is important to know that boxing stats mean very little apart from in context and that boxers can change their style and tactics from fight to fight.

Watching fights, or reading analysis articles, and picking up on strengths and weaknesses is key to making predictions. Some gargantuan bouts are coming up over the next few months; here’s our quick take and predictions on them:

George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr

Coming up on February 17th, Groves will try to defend his WBA world super middleweight title against Eubank Jr in the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series.

It’s a huge clash between two strong British boxers. While Groves is a world champion, it’s hard to look past the new composed nature of Eubank Jr and his clinical punching. Eubank Jr to win in rounds 7-12 at 7/2 may prove a prudent bet.

Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz

Deontay Wilder is the longest standing world heavyweight champion right now, but mostly because his defences have come against very weak opponents.

Luis Ortiz will be his first challenge in a long time, and yet, the American has been rocked by weaker foes before. Ortiz, while certainly not the best heavyweight in the world, is a strong and fearsome opponent who can absorb punches and deal out heavy hits. Wilder is favoured at 33/100, but Ortiz at 9/4 looks to have a decent chance of coming in on March 3rd.

Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker

Anthony Joshua is the biggest star in world boxing right now, and one of the biggest sports personalities on the planet.

With two of the four major world heavyweight titles in hand and a pristine 20-0-0 record, all by way of knockout, he now faces fellow world champion, Joseph Parker.

Parker isn’t being given much of a chance in this, with Joshua seemingly superior in every facet of the sport, but, Parker has risen to prominence based on his swift upper-body movement and good defensive work, so the fight should exceed the halfway mark.

As of February 12th, Joshua to win in rounds 4-6 at 5/2 is favoured, but Parker could take it close to the distance on March 31st.

Saul Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin

Two of the best pound-for-pound boxers meet for the second time after their first matchup ended with a controversial draw.

Golovkin was a marginal winner in the eyes of most at the conclusion of their September 2017 bout.

But, while one judge scored it a draw and another did indeed make Golovkin the marginal winner, the other ruled ‘Canelo’ Alvarez to have won by a landslide.

When they meet again on May 5, ‘GGG’ will be gunning for comprehensive victory and overcome Alvarez’s stellar defensive manoeuvres. Golovkin is favoured to take this one at 13/25 with another draw rated at 22/1.

*Odds subject to change - correct at time of writing*



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