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Ranked: The 10 best wonderkids to sign for Premier League clubs in Football Manager 2018

Ranked: The 10 best wonderkids to sign for Premier League clubs in Football Manager 2018

They might look a little pricey, but each one can be sold for a huge profit further down the line

ALL seasoned Football Manager players know the trick to success is selling players at a profit.

Signing youngsters, then, is the most important part of the job at any Premier League club. Most of the designated “wonderkids” are already at big clubs in the summer of 2017 or are valued ludicrously highly, but if you search hard enough there are bargains to be found.

Most of the below can be signed with any Premier League club, and all within 12 months of starting your career. They might look a little pricey, but each one can be sold for a huge profit down the line – and can be bought en masse if you use monthly payment plans to secure their signature.

Here are the top ten wonderkids to sign in Football Manager 2018:

10. Calum Chambers

Cost: £7.5 million

Cheap utility players are hard to come by on Football Manager. Calum Chambers is unlikely to win you trophies but he is a very reliable young defender who can play anywhere across the back, and what’s more he is happy to play as little as 20 games a season.

Chambers is overpriced in the first summer, but within 12 months he is out of favour at Arsenal and available on the cheap. The Englishman is an excellent signing for any Premier League side - whether 1st or 20th - to compete for a place in defence.

9. Moussa Dembele

Cost: £17 million

Celtic’s high-flying striker is easy to capture in the first summer for under £20 million, which seems steep until you come to sell Dembele three years later. He isn’t much of a goalscorer, but Dembele’s burst of pace is very useful from the bench in the first season - and the Frenchman becomes an intelligent winger when he hits his stride.

Dembele is arguably the most established young striker available for purchase in year one, plus he is willing to join any of the Premier League’s top ten clubs. If neither Moise Kean nor Kasper Dolberg are willing to join, sign Dembele.

8. Wendel

£25 million

Powerful young central midfielders are pretty common at the beginning of Football Manager 2018. Wendel is the lowest ranked on this list primarily because he is the most expensive, although, again, the fee is well worth it given he will be valued at £35-40 million within 12 months.

Wendel is capable of playing in almost any central midfield role, although until he has improved on his starting attributes the Portuguese is best deployed in a more defensive position. The Brazilian invariably signs for a big club in the summer of 2018, so move early.

7. Moise Kean

Loan, then £23 million

Juventus striker Moise Kean starts the game on loan at Verona but can very easily be picked up the following summer on a 12-month deal. Once in your squad Kean should develop an affiliation with the club that makes him easy to buy a year after that - for the bargain price of around £23 million.

Kean is undoubtedly one of the best forwards on the game. He is a typical poacher – all pace and power – and as such is another excellent super-sub until maturation. By the time he reaches 24, Kean will hit 30+ goals a season.

6. Pedrinho

£9.75 million (release clause)

Pedrinho is a very rare talent. Finding a good AMC in Football Manager is particularly difficult, mostly because they tend to be “luxury” players who do not work hard enough for the team. However, Pedrinho has fantastic determination, work rate, and teamwork attributes.

The Brazilian isn’t going to turn into a world-class player, but he is the sort of diminutive playmaker the fans will love, and an easy signing for any mid-table Premier League club.

5. Matthijs De Ligt

£13 million

De Ligt is one of those peculiar Football Manager players who performs much better than his attributes would indicate. The 17-year-old won’t be ready for first-team action for a couple of years, but it’s worth spending £13 million in the first summer in order to reap the rewards further down the line.

Within 12 months he becomes a decent backup option - and one who won’t complain about being on the bench. De Ligt is fairly limited on the ball and so should be partnered with a more technically gifted centre-back.

4. Kasper Dolberg

£18 million

Ajax’s brightest young talent is surprisingly cheap given his excellent starting attributes. Dolberg might just walk into your first team, although it is difficult for any team outside the top six to sign him in the first season.

Dolberg, a fantastic link-up striker ideal for systems that use three attackers, doesn’t improve too much as the years go by - but that isn’t a problem. He can be sold for double the £18 million paid within 18 months.

3. Predrag Rajkovic

£7 million

For next to nothing Rajkovic remains the best young goalkeeper to sign on Football Manager, as has been the case in each of the past three editions. The Serbian is getting weaker each year, but for now he is still worth the money and will replace any goalkeeper outside the top six within the first year.

Rajkovic doesn’t have any real weaknesses and is a natural leader, quickly becoming integral in the dressing room, which is particularly useful given that footballers signed young tend to have a strong connection with the manager.

2. Leon Goretzka


Bizarrely, the most sought after young player in world football Leon Goretzka can be signed, on a free, for West Ham, Watford, Southampton, or any other middling Premier League club. Opposing clubs have always been strangely unassertive when it comes to approaching players whose contracts are ending, and so although Goretzka won’t sign a pre-contract he will suddenly be desperate for a move come May.

Within two years Goretzka will be one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the game and likely to fetch at least £80 million. He is also the perfect midfield partner for the Brazilian who tops our list.

1. Arthur

£15 million

Arthur is the best hidden gem of them all, a snip at £15 million and completely unknown to your rivals. Incredibly, it takes just one year (he won’t get a work permit until then, so loan him back to Gremio) for Arthur to develop into the best player in your team. He will dominate every game at the heart of midfield.

In terms of value for money, talent, and the number of clubs he is willing to join, Arthur is without doubt the best wonderkid on Football Manager 2018. Those attributes don’t lie.





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